Investment appraisals

Advancement in technological development, changes in consumer demand & competitive setting, licensing & other regulative measures all open new opportunities to earn profits. However, they also put the existing revenue flows at risk.

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Price regulation

Telecom industry continues to be strongly regulated. In particular, operators in fixed access, terrestrial TV and mobile termination are often imposed price regulation due to their significant market power.

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Licence applications

Fixed-term licences in e.g. terrestrial TV and mobile operations can lead to market disruptions. Especially the on-going re-allocation of frequencies between terrestrial TV and mobile broadband leads to changes in the both markets.

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Spectrum management

The challenge in spectrum management is to strike a balance between intense competition and productive efficiency. On the one hand, government agencies need to focus on increasing number of players in the market to intensify competition.

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Project experience

And some of latest industry news and my comments about them

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Several projects to advise Finnish broadcasters & challenger network operators in price regulation and other regulative issues.   Advisor for challenger operators and other investors in an attempt to enter the Finnish terrestrial TV market. Range of tasks completed include e.g. assessment of business outlook, required investments, competitive setting, different…

Mobile broadband network investment plan to a European mobile operator with focus on technological advancement and expected changes in competition and spectrum regulation.   Mobile broadband business strategy & investment analysis to a European mobile operator.   Several strategic FTTH (Fibre to the Home) investment plans to telecom operators in…

Advisor for a telecom regulator in a full-scale revision of spectrum regulation, including liberalisation, licence renewal procedures & award mechanisms.   Advisor for a European mobile operator in optimisation of frequency-technology portfolio in expectation of new frequency awards.   Advisor for mobile operators in an attempt to secure sufficient and…