JM Economics Oy was founded in 2015 by Ari Ojaniemi to offer high-quality consultancy services to telecom operators, media companies, investors, policy makers and regulators. The firm’s comparative advantage is in ability to combine technology, business logic, economics and regulation into profound analyses and well-founded conclusions. We are committed to put our expertise in full use to advise our clients in e.g. investment appraisals, price regulation & other regulative issues, licence applications and spectrum management.


Mr Ari Ojaniemi is a seasoned professional in telecommunications and economics with a diverse combination of academic studies and working experience. Ari’s academic track record is a consistent mix of technology, accounting, economics and finance: he received MSc in engineering in 1993, BSc in accounting in 1999 and MSc in economics in 2007. He completed his academic portfolio with a specialized MSc in economics of regulation and competition in City University in London during 2012–2013. He has put the whole portfolio in full use in a number of assignments as a consultant in Finland and abroad.


Ari has managed and served as a key expert in techno-economic and/or regulative projects to fixed, mobile and terrestrial TV operators, broadcasters and regulators in Finland, elsewhere in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. He has e.g. advised investors in M&A processes, strategic network (fixed, mobile & TV) investments, technology upgrades, price disputes within regulated terrestrial TV services, spectrum management and licence applications. In short, Ari has applied economics in numerous projects to a variety of firms in different cultural environments and in different stages of development. Ari’s projects have been well received.


Before founding JM Economics Oy Ari worked as an economist in Ficora (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) and as a principal consultant in Omnitele Ltd. He has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications industry.